30. October 2013
Patricia Hofmann reads her texts, Rendel Freude shows pictures from Liberia.
30.10.2013 | 19.30 Uhr | Allerweltshaus, Körnerstraße 77-79, Köln-Ehrenfeld


Patricia Hofmann: “I was born in 1976 in Germany as the daughter of a Liberian father and a German mother. When I was born, I had green eyes and blonde curls. Upon seeing me for the first time, my father supposedly said: “That can’t be. This child isn’t mine. Look at us - I’m black and she’s white.”
I grow up in Germany with an African father - but still without any traces of Africa. Only in my teenage years, and later as a young woman, I attempt my first unfavorable approaches to my father’s homeland. Finally in 2012, my search for traces becomes a diverse finding. What used to be a foreign country before becomes a second home. Thus, the feeling of being welcomed doesn’t only change the author, but also those she meets. In Liberia and in Germany. WelcomeHome.
Rendel Freude: „In 2012 and 2013, I accompanied Patricia to Liberia. During the evening reading, I’ll be showing pictures from Monrovia and the east of the country at the border of the Ivory Cost."