April 2017. During the Jazz Festival in St. Louis, Senegal, the NGO entre'vues  in cooperation with UNESCO organised a booth in order to inform vistors about the world heritage of „Ile“. The pictures were created during my one-month stay in March 2017 as artist in residence.

The Château in St. Louis (Senegal) invited me for a month-long stay during which I have the opportunity to realize a photo-art project. I went there with the idea in mind to continue the photo series VORGARTEN (front yard), which I photographed last year in Cologne for the “photoszene” in Cologne - adapted to the city St. Louis. Because usually the houses in St. Louis have no front yard, but always a courtyard, around which the rooms are arranged and where the residents come together, the project COUR AVANT changed into COUR INTÉRIEURE.

Many of the houses on the “Île” date from colonial times (and are currently still classified as world heritage); the Langue du Barbarie is mainly inhabited by fishermen and families. I was interested in the connection the inhabitants have to the buildings in which they live and/or work. The Château team and the NGO entre'vues opened many doors for me. I was able to portray people in their houses or courtyards (whenever possible in connection with the building) and to ask about their house and their living there.

The outcome of this journey is a photo installation of 70 pictures, arranged to 14 text-image-montages attached to a ring with a diameter of one meter. Threads hang from the ring to which the pictures are attached from top to bottom, the stories are told from left to right in a circle. In addition, 50 portrait photos are being projected onto the wall via beamer during the final exhibition.