Januar 2020. Coming soon: Im Hintergrund entwickelt sich Stück für Stück die neue Website, die nicht eine, sondern zwei wird: eine für die Fotografie und eine für die Grafik. Also dranbleiben und immer mal wieder reinschauen!

If you are curious and want to look over my shoulder while taking pictures and want to glimpse behind the scenes of the photo campaign for e-regio Euskirchen: click here. Concept and video: Avertising agency kreativ konzept based in Bonn.

April 2017. During the Jazz Festival in St. Louis, Senegal, the NGO entre'vues  in cooperation with UNESCO organised a booth in order to inform vistors about the world heritage of „Ile“. The pictures were created during my one-month stay in March 2017 as artist in residence.

The Château in St. Louis (Senegal) invited me for a month-long stay during which I have the opportunity to realize a photo-art project. I went there with the idea in mind to continue the photo series VORGARTEN (front yard), which I photographed last year in Cologne for the “photoszene” in Cologne - adapted to the city St. Louis. Because usually the houses in St. Louis have no front yard, but always a courtyard, around which the rooms are arranged and where the residents come together, the project COUR AVANT changed into COUR INTÉRIEURE.

Many of the houses on the “Île” date from colonial times (and are currently still classified as world heritage); the Langue du Barbarie is mainly inhabited by fishermen and families. I was interested in the connection the inhabitants have to the buildings in which they live and/or work. The Château team and the NGO entre'vues opened many doors for me. I was able to portray people in their houses or courtyards (whenever possible in connection with the building) and to ask about their house and their living there.

The outcome of this journey is a photo installation of 70 pictures, arranged to 14 text-image-montages attached to a ring with a diameter of one meter. Threads hang from the ring to which the pictures are attached from top to bottom, the stories are told from left to right in a circle. In addition, 50 portrait photos are being projected onto the wall via beamer during the final exhibition.

May 2017. „WILLKOMMEN DAHEIM, CLARA!“ (Welcome home, Clara!) is the title of Patricias Gies' first book. The autobiographic novel tells the story of a German woman with Liberian roots and her apprach to her father's home country. My contribution: Layout and visual concept including photos taken in Liberia.

> Read book sample

Spring/Summer 2016. Photography, graphic and art are my professional focus areas and it is my greatest pleasure to bring them together in one project. Peter Ratz creates sculptures, furniture and commodities made of stainless steel and aluminum. For two days I strolled around with my camera in his studio, yard, basement, attic, garden and showroom. The photo shooting resulted in a comprehensive catalog, published just on time for the launch of feykultur in Eiserfey.
Robin Kurka is an artist. His project for me: Photo shooting of all his works (sculptures, paintings, drawings) as well as the layout for three catalogs of the respective art genres. Two catalogs are done, the third one is still in progress.
Gaby Ludwig is a Cologne based artist. I took the pictures of the artworks displayed in our joint exhibition CONTEMPLARI in the exhibition hall of Alte Feuerwache in Cologne, additionally I was responsible for the layout for the catalog and the exhibition concept.

January 2016. How do we create an exciting, emotional touching multimedia production? I took part in the Advanced Workshop focusing on story development and project organization at the Akademie für Publizistik, Hamburg, held by Uwe H. Martin and Oliver Eberhardt. The practical part: We portrayed Gabriele, who draws daily at Atelier Freistil, a cooperation between Leben mit Behinderung Hamburg and Elbe-Werkstätten GmbH, where she is under care. > watch the movie

November 2015.  Every year, the architectural office Lepel und Lepel sends Christmas cards. On one rainy day in November, the entire team gathered in a subway station and walked back and forth – always aware of the envisaged postcard format. My job: taking pictures and directing twenty pedestrians (or the other way round).

August 2015. We, Rendel Freude (photographer) and Kristin Kunze (clown), have a week's time for the photo workshop with EYE, a Rwanda Youth organization based in Kigali. EYE usually produces radio shows in their own studio and broadcast weekly for half an hour. The program is being recorded and broadcast via several broadcast stations, such as Voice of America and Radio Tayna in Goma. Whenever financial resources are sufficient, EYE also publishes a magazine on the researched topics in both languages Kinyarwanda and French. The organization is advised and financially supported by Ziviler Friedensdienst and cooperates with NEVER AGAIN RWANDA, the NGO we organized the photo workshop with, which took place last year in Huye (in the south of the country). Again the one-week program is supported by FREELENS Foundation.

November 2014 „When I can look into my own eyes, only then am I able to see others as they are“. That’s how 20-year-old Divine describes her photo series to visitors and what peace and reconciliation mean to her: peace with oneself allows approaching others, reaching out and building something together. An exhibition that includes 15 works of the participants is the visible and public result of the workshop in Rwanda. 

September 2014. The Ebola epidemic continues to spread across Liberia. For this reason, Patricia Hofmann and the association Aragua asked Pauline Kwabo from the Tohdé Resource Center in Monrovia what is needed over there. In consultation with Pauline, the fund-raising campaign for the purpose of purchasing disinfectants and soaps for the families and the neighborhood of the Tohdé Resource Center was founded.

March 2014. Beginning 2012 I have been as photographer in several projects for medica mondiale in the eastern part of Liberia, near to the border from Ivory Coast. These pictures (and others from medica mondiale staff members) can be seen in the exhibition "Women in Liberia – hope for a live without violence".

December 2013. I take photographs of different projects in Rwanda for the KfW Development Bank: workers who build cobblestone roads, sellers at the market, entrepreneurs in their small businesses, trainees in electric and carpenter’s workshops and garages, as well as office meetings in several different settings.

November 2013. How can the diversity of a wise female clown-shaman-dragon-artist-travelling entertainer be conveyed online? Through moving pictures, which means that my site includes next to photography and design, also videos that were filmed and edited by me. It was a great pleasure to work on this commission! > go to the website

30. October 2013
Patricia Hofmann reads her texts, Rendel Freude shows pictures from Liberia.
30.10.2013 | 19.30 Uhr | Allerweltshaus, Körnerstraße 77-79, Köln-Ehrenfeld

June 2013. For the Lebenshilfe Düren, I visited all institutions on four days and took photographs: nursery schools, housing groups, outpatient care and counseling centers. The printing house Schloemer in Düren assigned me this commission and used my photographs for their anniversary brochure that was published in summer 2013. The pictures can be found on my website. Photo: people: accompanying.

blaue stundeMay 2013. The Blue Hour describes the twilight period between sunset and darkness of the night. This deep blue mood fits in a special way to an evening with videos from the border area of surface and depth, where the parts of the whole fit together as it were. My contribution: invitation cards, poster, booklet of the DVD. Welcome on the 24th June in "Altes Pfandhaus"! Info about the event: here

workshop rendel freudeMarch 2013. I meet the participants in the Tohdé Ressource Center - young mothers who are being supported by the center. On the first afternoon, they get to learn the basic functions of the camera, on the second afternoon we walk around the neighbourhood and take pictures of trees, and later – with a lot of courage – we even take pictures on the market. Five women have fun by looking at the display. The pictures are later turned into postcards – "Greetings from Liberia!" – which the young women will sell in hotels and shops in Monrovia to make a small profit. The workshop was supported by Aragua.

aktuelles wasser

January 2013.Water is a public good and not merchandise – this is the topic of a current citizens' initiative. It asks the European Commission for a bill that imposes the human right to water and basic sanitation in accordance with the United Nations Resolution and promotes a functioning water and sewage management as public service for every human to provide for subsistence needs. These regulations of the EU aim at obliging governments to ensure a sufficient drinking-water supply and basic sanitation for every citizen. You can also sign! [more ...]

One Billion Rising LogoFebruary 2013. One Billion Rising LogoFebruary 2013. One Billion women rising is a global campaign by women to end violence against women and girls. It was initiated in September 2012 by artist and feminist Eve Ensler from New York. On Valentine's Day, several hundred people met in Cologne at the Roncalli Place to dance, freeze and listen to speeches. The film based on the campaign:  > here