web fliedner-kulturstiftungFor the Fliedner-Kulturstiftung in Kaiswerth, a cultural foundation, two independent websites have to be designed, that have to allow users to access the same website despite typing in different URLS. The solution: a joined website is created that directs to the site of the foundation and of the museum - this way both sites appear next to each other as results. Screendesign and photography by Rendel Freude, Joomla implementation by Odecologne. To the Website

How can the diversity of a wise female clown-shaman-dragon- artist-travelling entertainer be conveyed online? Through moving pictures, which means that my site includes next to photography and design, also videos that were filmed and edited by me. It was a great pleasure to work on this commission! To the website

web institut-trauma-paedagogik

The tasks of the institute: Design a clearly structured website that appears bright and friendly. The images are from the Freude archive: macro shots of marbles. > To the website

web simone-holderriedMy first website with a wallpaper that adjusts to the browser window. All photos are from the FREUDE-archive.

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web tohde-resource-centerThis website was set up in co-operation with Barbara Scheid, Pixelpirsch (programming wordpress) to support the Tohdé-Resource-Center in Monrovia. The site is available in two languages, for Liberian and German readers.

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web hannelore herlanTasks: acceptance of the colors of the print design, use of images from the FREUDE-archive. Maintenance of the website with the Content Management System.

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web katja-dureggerWebsites with many links and photo galleries ...

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