Print on demand at blurb, 2011, 92 pages
Have a look and command

publik kenia rendel freudeTravel report by Kristin Kunze: „Welcome, Kristin!“ Patrick is waiting with a cardboard sign at the airport in Nairobi. We are relieved and happy, after having searched nervously in the big hall for one piece of luggage. Patrick would drive us a couple more times during our visit, and in case he was unable to, he’d provide a replacement. He’d do everything with a tranquil reliability.

Late in the evening, we were also welcomed at the convent in KASARANI. Over the course of the next days, we shook countless hands, smiled, marveled and were happy about the new hospital building that was now fully operational and colorful. We, that’s my friend Rendel Freude from Cologne who’s a photographer and graphic designer, and me. It was Rendel’s first visit to Kenya and to Africa in general. Through her new experience and her camera she opened new viewpoints on land and people for me. It was my fourth time here ...